I recently had the good fortune to view a selection of art work by D.W. Kern. The work is stunning, some large, some small, but each takes one on a visceral journey through the powerful use of color, depth and texture. D.W. Kern's use of light adds additional layers of mystery and delight. When light is applied either from the front or rear of a piece, the transformation is spectacular and perhaps most importantly, fun!

The materials used are rich and varied and rarely have I seen such passionate use of different mediums. Each piece is like finding buried treasure!

Giles Masters

Production Designer for Film and Television

Simply put, D.W. Kern's works take my breath away.  They are so layered and complex.  His Art draws you in and provokes thought.  Just stunning pieces that communicate through their light, textures and dynamics, simultaneously human and ethereal, a combination of light and earth: the point of conjunction from the mysterious spiritual realm and the three dimensional reality we know.  When you walk in a gallery and a piece grabs you by the scruff of the neck and embraces you with understanding, you know you've found a piece of you.  That's what happened when I first saw D. W. Kern's paintings.  I guess a picture is worth a thousand words. A thousand words barely scratches the surface. 

Mia Christou
Artist-Producer-Teacher & Humble Wanderer